WIPO UDRP Domain Name Cases with Case Particular: DCO
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Case NoDomain NameDecisionDecision Date
DCO2017-0051 lillycareers.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0050 haglofs.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0049 wartsilaspareparts.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0048 singaporepools.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0047 carrefouruae.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0046 castellocheese.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0045 supercell.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0044 elecnor.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0043 admiralgruop.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0042 head.com.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0041 jetblue.co TransferDec. 5, 2017
DCO2017-0040 testout.co TransferNov. 28, 2017
DCO2017-0039 bayer-monsanto.co TransferDec. 8, 2017
DCO2017-0038 zanussiservis.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0037 electroluxservis.co TransferNov. 29, 2017
DCO2017-0036 leclercvoyages.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0035 yves-salomon.co TransferNov. 21, 2017
DCO2017-0034 novatis.co TransferDec. 4, 2017
DCO2017-0033 hugoboss.co Case activeNone
DCO2017-0032 bancaintesabeograd.co TerminatedNone
DCO2017-0031 dishoom.co Complaint deniedNov. 23, 2017
DCO2017-0030 hughesnet.co TransferNov. 7, 2017
DCO2017-0029 nvidia.co TransferNov. 7, 2017
DCO2017-0028 netcredit.com.co TransferOct. 31, 2017
DCO2017-0027 whatsapp.com.co TransferSept. 19, 2017