4996 Domain Names
6th Rank.
WIPO UDRP Domain Name Cases with Domain Length: 14
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Case NoDomain NameDecisionDecision Date
D2017-1978 marlboroprizes.com, marlboroprime.com, marlboropacks.com and 4 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1974 valium-generic.com, generic-klonopin.com TerminatedNone
D2017-1968 siemensalstom.shop, siemens-alstom.shop, siemensalstom.org and 4 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1962 rudolfinerhaus.com Case activeNone
D2017-1945 mououtlets.com, mou-eskimoboots.com, mou-boots-sale.com and 2 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1937 crediconfianza.info Case activeNone
D2017-1902 supremetokyo.sale, supremetokyo.online, supremetokyoon.com and 342 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1898 siemens-alstom.com Case activeNone
D2017-1895 ashleymadison2.com Case activeNone
D2017-1889 hilldicksonllp.com Case activeNone
D2017-1882 equihax.xyz, equihax.work, equihax.website and 132 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1880 2017equifax.com, wequifaxsecurity2017.com, securityequifax.com and 135 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1875 wwwequifax2017.com, wwwequifaxsecurity.com, equifa2017.com and 9 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1857 mckenziemethod.com Case activeNone
D2017-1852 virgingalactic.club Case activeNone
D2017-1844 veolia-finance.com Case activeNone
D2017-1837 virginshipping.net, virginshipping.com, virginshipping.biz Case activeNone
D2017-1832 northillglobal.net, northillglobal.com Case activeNone
D2017-1817 mychevyrewards.com Case activeNone
D2017-1814 savino-delbene.com Case activeNone
D2017-1780 alfakherturkey.com Case activeNone
D2017-1765 sanofiaventis.top, sanofiaventis.ltd, sanofi-aventis.ltd and 2 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1751 virginapparels.com Case activeNone
D2017-1722 sofitelsheshan.com, sofitel-shanghaisheshan.com, sofitel-beijingwanda.com and 3 others... Case activeNone
D2017-1717 coolmathrun2.org, coolmathgames6.com, coolmathgamesrun.org and 4 others... Case activeNone