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Domain Name Dispute Cases Related with SRI LANKA
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Case NoPartyDomain NameDecisionDecision Date
D2020-0481 Respondent Transfer April 30, 2020
D2018-1761 Respondent, Transfer -
D2016-0365 Respondent Transfer April 7, 2016
D2009-0686 Respondent, Transfer Oct. 2, 2009
D2009-0077 Respondent Transfer March 17, 2009
D2008-1471 Respondent Complaint denied(RDNH) Dec. 17, 2008
D2008-0953 Respondent Transfer Aug. 5, 2008
D2008-0631 Respondent Transfer June 18, 2008
D2001-1217 Respondent Transfer Nov. 25, 2001